When choosing to further promote your luxury goods business, consign with Naive. Consigning is simple, quick and easy. Consigning with Naive puts you in front of a larger clientele, a clientele who are strictly interested in luxury goods. Allowing you to make quicker sales, while we handle everything else. We take care of all product photography, special requests, inventory monitoring and order fulfilment!

Begin consigning with us by filling out the form below. Once we have received your Business Consignment Request, we will contact you via SMS, WhatsApp or email to inform you of the status of your request. If your request has been has accepted, we will respond with our shipping details allowing you to ship your products directly to us. Once your products have arrived with us, we will review them and prepare them to be professionally photographed.

Payout rates for our business consignees are different to those of our regular consignees. Business payout rates are based upon the value of the items they consign, as well as a handling fee of 3% of the item’s value.

Each item may have a different payout rate. For an item valued £250/$325 or over, our payout rate is 70%. For an item valued over £500/$650, our payout rate is 80%. For an item valued over £1000/$1300, our payout rate is 90%.